›› Our group meets the first three Thursdays, every month, in Building 154 (Iowa State Room) at 5:30 p.m.

I promised myself that I would take a bit more time with a design and pay some attention to detail and generate a more complete layout. Hopefully this design does that.

Contacts:   Andrew Roberts (295-1967) and Eric Clason (295-9191) for more information

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A total of 10 images amount to just a touch over 9KB. The image of the doctor against the green background in the upper left corner (header_logo.jpg) can be swapped out with a blank, green background (header_logo.gif) if/when you apply the design to your own site. The .psd image files are included in the ZIP file so you can play around with them.

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Just a small bit of text to give you an idea what the style of a blockquote is set to.

Some Photos
Games being played.

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Other Designs
Chack out my other designs at OSWD.

Can I say Something?
The CSS-related bugs in IE can be so frustrating and unending. Please, make the Internet a better place and use Firefox.

There, I said it.