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The Rockwell Collins Gamers Club was created to promote and connect gamers at Rockwell Collins. Eligible club members are employees, their families, their friends, retirees, and former employees.

The primary games covered by the club are modern board, card, and role playing games, usually found on boardgamegeek. The club also covers classic board and card games, collectible card games, miniature games, and video games.

The club meets every Thursday (except during company shutdowns) for games night at 5:30 PM in the Iowa State Room of Building 154. This is located between the Rec Center and the Pharmacy. Gaming will finish usually between 8-9:00 PM. Games played are usually modern board and card games and also has a role playing game campaign being conducted. Use the club's games library or bring your own games.

The Rec Center offers baby sitting service from 4-7:30 PM if needed. It is located right next to our meeting room.

NOTE--Some weeks the Iowa State Room is unavailable. The club typically meets at the Main Plant Cafeteria in Building 140 or the Ash Conference Room in Building 131 as backup locations. Please sign up to be on the e-mail list or join the Gamers G+ group for notices of room changes.

The Gamers Club hosts a pizza party on the second Thursday of each month. (Bring your own drink.) If you bring your own food on any Thursday, please ensure it's "game friendly" to not damage the games.

The games club also discusses and coordinates games outside of the weekly games night in their Rockwell Collins Gamers G+ group. (Must be an employee to access this site.)


The Rockwell Collins Gamers Club collects yearly OPTIONAL dues of $20. Rockwell Collins will also match employee paid dues as well. Dues collected by the club fund the club's game library and the monthly pizza party. Dues are optional and not required to participate in the weekly games night or the Gamers G+ group.

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Games being played.

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Our Games library

he IS available to our members for uses outside of club hours, Contact Eric for more information and out checkout policy.